arc-mallorca - working together with and for the community, improving the lives of animals and people by providing care, training, educational programs, resources, and tools designed to help empower, enable and inform.

All around the world the elderly and infirm animals are being thrown out on the streets with more and more families unable to afford the bills incurred through veterinary services to keep these poor darlings alive and healthy.

We have opened our doors and created a home from home for those animals who are elderly, sick or 'spècial needs' found here on the island of Mallorca with very little hope of being rehomed. Of course should there be any angels out there willing and interested in re-homing any of these darlings we will be more than happy to make the necessary arrangements.

Here are some of our Guardian Angel Animals waiting for their Guardian Angels:

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In the meantime a huge request goes out to all with a heart for the plight of these animals for guardian angels to help us care for them and give them the little treats and comforts that they so richly deserve.

Once we have our finca we will be able to accommodate a much larger amount of animals of all shapes and sizes. 

arc-mallorca is a unique non-profit organisation working together with the community to improve the lives of animals and enrich the lives of people.  We are an evolving centre providing rescue, adoption and population control services.

We will provide care and adoption of homeless and unwanted animals and introduce an educational and therapeutic program for people.

Our mission is:

  1. To improve the quality of relationships between people and pets, with emphasis on populations such as abused children, the sick, the elderly and others who gain comfort from the "healing connection" experienced with companion animals.
  2. To support and help other animal protection advocates, locally and across the island, with solid program models that help save animals and bring the healing touch of animals to local communities.
  3. To create educational programs utilizing innovative methods to introduce the higher ideals of compassion toward all animals and people, define responsible pet guardianship and make the case for the need to control companion animal overpopulation.
  4. To reduce the amount of kittens and puppies entering shelters or being thrown out onto the streets by offering help with the spaying/neutering of feral cats and privately owned cats and dogs, of low income families.
  5. To offer temporary foster care for pets of families in crisis who want their animals back. 
  6. To establish a voluntary dog walking services to those who through illness are unable to walk their dogs. 
  7. To establish a support network to help people who are taken unexpectedly into hospital and need animals cared for. 
  8. To establish a programme to take dogs that show the necessary characteristics and train them to become therapy dogs.  We could then take them into orphanages, hospices and hospitals to give those children and adults some ‘doggy therapy’.  
  9. To offer special animal identity cards to be put with car papers or carried in case of accident.  The cards will identify the person and that they have animals at home that need to be cared for.  The cards will also have our number on it so that we can be informed and set up a help system for their animals. 
  10. To open up a sanctuary/hospice for our special needs, sick or elderly animals to live out their lives in peace and contentment.
  11. To set up a network of people who are working with animals independently and small rescue centres. We will then set up distribution centres, for goods and food donated, that all members of the network can use.

For more information check out our website:

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