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Transport is vital in our lives; it takes us from one point to another, and being on an island even more so. Taxis, buses, trains, ferries and airlines are all very important for being able to come to and move around Mallorca; for both residents and tourists and especially for those who have a dog with them. So in this section you will find all of the companies that offer you a way to and around the island with your pet.
Note: When travelling with your dog PLEASE remember that not everybody is a dog lover so please respect those people and see to it that your dog behaves with “manners” when out and about.  In reality this is very simple, behave –with your pet- as you would like people to behave towards you...and remember you are responsible for everything your dog does, the same as if you had a child with you. Thank you and enjoy your trip, wherever you are going!

Each municipal have their own rules and it varies a lot from one place to another so the amount of taxi drivers that allows dogs in their cars varies enormously, from one company to another.  In this section you will find out who the “pet friendly” companies are and what they offer you. Read more........ 




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