PF Villages

Pet Friendly “PF” Villages
HT-G4D has worked since  2009 (since 2007 in Calviá) to convert Mallorca and its villages into a pet friendly island and so far ten town halls have been contacted; all of which have shown an interest in the subject and nine of those are finally showing more interest in going forward with the idea.
So, how does a town hall create a PF village?  

To become a PF village they agree to include the local and visiting dog owners as valuable clients; in addition to their already existing ones. The first thing they must do is to update their animal regulations and bring them in line with the times we live in, incorporating this huge, and still growing,  number of dog owners. 
This information will then be available on each individual town halls page, in G4D.  Any clients, locals or visitors, visiting a country or a specific area should have a clear view of what its rights and obligations are during their visit, to better enjoy their stay.  

The town hall is also being asked to help create a “service packet” for these clients, (and to include it in their general tourist offer) such as transport, accommodation, access to beach and green areas, available bars-cafés-restaurants, local shops and veterinaries.  Thus serving a vast amount of potential clients which until now have been very much unaccounted for. Town halls already on the list or due on are as follows: Sóller, Artá and Andraitx.
Anyone interested in joining, by offering their services to this new group of clients, please contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ANDRATX -is privileged situated in the south-western part of the Tramuntana mountain range. It has great scenic diversity and offers exciting activities in one of the most beautiful regions of Mallorca. The town council is also attending the growing numbers of pet owners, residents and visiting clients, with several services.
ARTÀ -is an area full of heritage, tradition, modernity, nature and that offers something to all travellers, including dog owners and their pets.  Located in the north-east area with 140 square kilometres land and with 25 kilometres of beautiful natural and preserved coast line it will be a visit to remember.
CALVIÀ -is a popular municipality by locals and visitors, it’s located in the western part of Mallorca and covers 145 km2; which includes 26 beaches and magnificent mountain landscapes to enjoy.
The town embraces all concepts of family life, including those having a pet as yet another family member.    
LLUCMAJOR -is the largest municipality in Mallorca (325 km2), 15 min away from the airport, and 20 min from Palma. Along its 47 km long coastline visitors will discover splendid coves, pristine beaches (15 in total) and a stunning rugged coastline. The weekly craft market in Llucmajor takes place on Fridays. 
SANTA MARGALIDA is located in the Northwest of Mallorca, in the very centre of the Bay of Alcudia, the biggest bay in the Balearics, with 17 kilometres of long sandy beaches. The town council is now also encouraging pet owners and their dogs to visit the district. 


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