Who is the founder of the event?

This unique dog friendly event was the idea and been created by Christina Kastin, born and raised in Sweden. Christina has been living in Palma de Mallorca since 1993 (in Spain since 1989).

Christina started a company called Harmony Travels (HT) in 2007; www.harmonytravels.net. This company was formed to promote Mallorca as a winter holiday destination, including a new group of travellers, travelling with your pet.  This new concept raised so much interest that Christina decided to solely work on this group from 2009. This is when www.guide4dogs.com (G4D) was created.

Christina is a big animal, especially dog, lover and she also loves Mallorca, so combining the two seemed only natural to her.  Mallorca has so much to offer travellers and their dogs.  Now is the perfect time to visit this beautiful island.

Christina realized to achieve her goal she needed to go about things in a different way.  Her idea was to make this group of people travelling with their dogs “worth” something to the town halls, government departments and the private business sector, by offering this group as valuable winter clients for the island. This keeps everyone happy, firstly offering the island winter clients and secondly getting the dogs better services and therefore integrating them into society as they deserve.

During the last six years Christina has worked exclusively to make Mallorca a more Pet Friendly place.  As a result the island has now got several pet friendly beaches, dog friendly buses in and around Palma, more taxis that are allowing dogs.

Christina has also created a pet friendly sticker (see above), which allows people to know which establishments and transport the dogs are welcome on.


About the event

The purpose of this event is to offer a special pet friendly month in Mallorca. It was initially set for 2016 but since it is a unique event, in many ways, it had to be changed to 2017. The idea is to have special offers for dog owners and their pets to travel to the island.

The main goal of this event is for everyone involved to get publicity (especially the main sponsor the town hall of Artà, who work hand in hand with me on making the island a more pet friendly place!); Mallorca to be known as a winter destination and at the same time achieve Christina’s personal goal; making more positive changes for people and pets! With this in mind, doing something unheard of, achieving that the airlines offer in a near future dogs to travel more comfortably and safer.  

The world has become smaller and a large amount of people travels on a regular basis due to work and pleasure. There are more people now than ever before who are pet owners-lovers.  People include their pets as another family member, it is therefore important to make sure the whole family can travel together.

Christina's plan now for 2017 is to achieve between one to four planes, flying from Europe (Sweden, France, Germany and England) to Mallorca, with dog owners and their pets, both travelling together in the cabin.  Each holiday will be a week’s trip and the group will stay in selected pet friendly hotels and a variety of activities will be organised during the week.


Sponsors URGENTLY needed

There have been a number of unique challenges with this project, one of which is obtaining sufficient funding and sponsorship for each of the four flights.

Sponsorship is required for all the flights as the tickets are more expensive than normal due to the planes being chartered exclusively by us.  If you are interested in helping and/or receiving publicity for your business please contact us for information ASAP at Info

If you are a dog owner and would like to join us on this trip please e-mail us at Fly With


Some words from Christina

"This hasn’t been an easy process, still isn’t, because Spain has had a very different view on what place dogs have had in the Spanish society.  They are seen mostly as guard dogs, living outside the house.  However, thankfully this has changed and continues to change. Affinity Foundation (http://www.affinity-petcare.com/weareaffinity/en/our-foundation) figures show that 46% of Spanish homes now have one or more pets (dog-cat).

I feel that now’s the time to take next step forward and make changes for how we travel with our pets and that’s why I choose to set up this event.

Since I have set up most of this alone, even though there has been “Angels” alongside helping me, I hope people will not focus on what is not perfect but instead will see how far we have come and how promising the future looks.

I hope this event will be a huge success for many reasons, for Mallorca, for dog lovers and for me!  Not least because it will prove to me and others that everything really is possible-if you just work hard at it and keep on believing!

Dear dog lovers - this is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to change the way our pets travel in the future.  You can do this in a number of ways, either buying a ticket for you and your dog to join us on one of the flights or becoming a sponsor for an event during one or all of the trips.

Please spread the word amongst your friends and family, social media etc to publicize these even, this is a golden opportunity to make positive changes so please use it.

It will be a historic and fun event so I hope to see you all in Mallorca in November!"


Love to you all


Christina Kastin
Founder Harmony Travels-G4D


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